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What is Baptism?

Baptism is a celebration of the unending story of God’s love for all of us. It is a celebration of the gift of life and the recognition that all life is from God. Baptism is a beginning, the beginning of a relationship of love, of trust, of intimacy with our God. It is the beginning of the participation in the Christian community. Baptism is a challenge. As Catholics, we believe that this sacrament changes our very nature, and it challenges us to live in such a way as to proclaim ourselves as sons and daughters of God in all that we do. Baptism is a commitment. In Baptism we make commitments on behalf of ourselves or for children who cannot yet speak, commitments which they will hopefully confirm later in life. As parents and family, we make a commitment to be the “Domestic Church”, the home where children will first learn about God and our church. And Baptism is a commitment of the entire community that we will support the newly baptized and nurture them and that we will be a place where the gospel of Jesus is lived, not simply spoken of. – Deacon Couple Mike and Jean Cavanaugh

At Saints Faith, Hope and Charity Parish, Baptisms are usually celebrated at designated times on Sunday mornings. At least one parent needs to be a practicing Catholic to arrange a Baptism at Saints Faith, Hope and Charity.

If this is a first-born child, the parents are asked to attend a "Pre-Baptism" class that is held on the third Monday of every month. Please contact the Parish Office at (847) 446-7646 for details.

Both sponsors should be adults and at least one an active, practicing Catholic. The other sponsor need not be Catholic but needs to be an active and practicing member in his/her Christian Church.

A sponsor's role is to mentor the baptized as she/he lives a Catholic/Christian life in this world.

Call the Parish Office at (847) 446-7646 a few months in advance to make arrangements.